UI/UX/Prototyping .

Apple hired Huge to work on user experience and digital strategy, among other elements. This specific project was an overall redesign of the support section on Apple website. An effort to unify the experience across their entire ecosystem. We developed a structure easy to browse to target specific information across a rich and dense content.

Different tasks were tackled during the process.

The first one was the homepage. We introduced a search function at the core of the support section. This happened during the time Apple was consolidating its search engine to make it easier to find content. The content following the hero unit with the search is a mix of articles and different ressources with an emphasis on the community around Apple products, in an effort to involve more users to share their knowledge.

The user can access a family of products / product page where he can browse the common issues or ressources. All pages in the support section are always starting with general topics narrowed down to more specific ones based on the user inputs. If no answer can be found, at the bottom of most pages, the user is invited to use the search engine, ask a question to the community, or contact Apple support in order to always solve issues.

We also had to redesign from the ground up the article layout. We came up with 2 solutions, one called "multiple choice" article, and the other "stepper" article. The first one allowing the user to target a specific problem and get an accurate answer.

The second one is a step-by-step walk-through process breaking down a problem to simplify the readability of the content.

Introducing new features to Apple support section was an interesting challenge. Working with designers with different specialities and skillsets on the same elements, allowed us to be more adaptable and play with everyone strengths. We were able to move quickly and generate new ideas to simplify the user flows and reduce the number of paint points. We managed to create an uncletered experience allowing the user to dive into the rich content available.